Monday, June 10, 2013

My Pet Rat

This is my pet rat Nibblet she always nibbles your fingers if you hold her. Nibblet's favorite food is apples, peas, pears,corn,and popcorn. She likes to hide. What I like about  Nibblet. well I like it when she comes to me when I squeak like a rat, and when she nibble's your fingers.


  1. Nibblet is so awesome! Great story!

  2. Yay Nibblet,Hmmm I like Apple,Pear and Porpcorn too!hehehe even though mummy say I'm getting to be a bit chubby...hehehe,xx Speedy

  3. It's funny to imagine myself sqeaking like a suggie every time my pet sugar glider comes near me. It's almost impossible to mimic their weird but cute sounds. And I feed them pretty much the same food. My pet suggies can eat any food you put in front of them! Nibbles looks uber cute by the way, and I hope both of you are in good health.

    Priscilla Price @