Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Fishes

These are my fishes there names are Dorito and Lucy well I had 2 more 1 named Goldeen and 1 named Magikarp but they died .Maikcarp died because he jumped out of there tank and Goldeen died because she got sucked into the pump.
This is Magickarp  before he died I am really sad because  they where the best fishes.  
This is my fish pond it is where my fish live i have not seen the flower bloom yet but I beet that it is beautiful.

This is goldeen in her fish bowl but those plats floted up so we got rid of them.


  1. You are taking really great care of your fishies Lily!

  2. awww that's sad about the fishes but I better you are taking real good care of the ones that are left,xx Speedy

  3. Ca you wrap the fish in ice when they die and send them to me. *licks lips*