Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I Did At Speedy's Pirate Party

I went to Speedy's Pirate Party. I had some shark watermelon, some punch, and played some pirate games. Shiner wore a skull bandana and a pirate outfit. 

I wore a pair of boots, a pirate outfit, a scarf on my forehead, and a skull bandana. 

Everybody else at the pirate party looked fantastic! But my favorite was Mollie and Ranger. After the party I said goodbye to everybody and went home in my dingy.


  1. Arrrh Miss Lily ye be thee fairest Pirate on the seven sea's,Aye we be thankin' ye for gracing thee Capt'n Table and partying with these rowdy salty dogs!Hehehe Thanks for coming you look fantastic,xx Capt'n Speedy

  2. Hi Lily,I have some great News First you were voted the Best Dressed Human Pirate at my Party,and Then I decided that you were the over all winner...You are Officially the Best Dressed Pirate at my Party!Congratulations Lily,xx Speedy