Friday, October 31, 2014


twas the night before Halloween no creature was making a sound except for a sugar skull named Violet.She new it was Halloween so it was time to dance.So she did but she was lonely she needed a partner but who could he be?She was all alone except for the humans who they call monsters.But she wanted a friend. So she set off on a journey.She did not care if it was a girl or a boy all she wanted was a friend.So she set off on the quest to find a friend.But before she left she grabbed some food and milk.You see milk is her favorite thing to drink so she packed loads of it.
She has to be careful because she does not want to wake up the humans.So Violet crept down the stairs so quietly that she could not hear herself.So she went next door looking and what did she find?A dog so she ran and went to the next house and she finally found a friend.So they danced through the moonlight.


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