Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Niblet The Teenage wich

It was a beautiful day in rattyville  Niblet lived with her aunt Bella and aunt ruby in the other relm.

Where she went to school but one day her aunts said that she had to live in the real world.So she said I wish that I would just turn into a pumpkin!And she did. She is now a big orange plump pumpkin!

Oh no! Niblets turned into a pumpkin. Then aunt Ruby asked her if she put her wand on voice automated? Niblet said yes why?Because whatever you wish for comes true. Oh oops.How do I change back?  you must find out what Halloween is mostly about. OK so how do I do that? go to Jack the pumpkin king.So where dose he live?Jack lives on top of the giant pumpkin across the street. That doesn't sound to bad.  Oh yes it is he never lets anyone in. OK so how do I get in? go in the back portal it is always open. Why didn't I  think of that? When she knocked at the front portal jack said  go away! so I went to the back portal and it worked! then jack said how did you get in? So I said the back portal is unlocked. so jack said I should really lock that door. can you change  me back to a human? Yes said Jack. then niblet turned back to a human! Thank you jack! Oh its nothing. how can I repay you? Oh you don't have to do that. Niblet said goodbye and left.

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